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About Faces Entertainment's January 2020 Newsletter

The Turn of the Decade!
A whole new decade can mean a whole new you. Start off 2020 with a bang louder than the fireworks by bringing the world's greatest plus one to any party: a henna artist. With henna, you look as cool as the people with Teslas or AirPods Pro, but you've probably spent less money. Still not your thing? That's alright! We have entertainers for every person, whether you want your face painted on or drawn!
Benny the Office Dog

Volume #0056
Some people don't think twice and just assume that Benny sleeps all the time. In truth, this Lab focuses all of his energy into dreaming all the time. There's a difference.
In his dreams, his aspirations are realized: He has his own socks, lots of people want to play with him, and he is permanently a good boy. Sometimes there are even cheese sticks.
Jazz Up Your January!
Post-holiday blues don't look good on anyone. At About Faces, we've brainstormed five fool-proof ways you can keep January joyful.
  1. Celebrate American advocacy the weekend of Martin Luther King Jr. Day (19th&20th) with a caricature artist! Feeling that new decade? Go digital!
  2. Do you represent a local college or university? Throw a Winterfest that includes everyone, especially the magician!
  3. Pro-tip: It's not too late for a holiday party! Don't forget to invite the face painter.
  4. Invite a henna artist to your corporate event!
  5. Baby Showers? Birthdays? Bat Mitzvahs? Bar Mitzvahs? They're all infinitely better with a balloon sculptor.
Stop reading, start smiling! Book your entertainment right now by calling 1-800-92-FUNNY or replying to this email!
Thanks for reading! Until next time,
Newsletter Editor