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About Faces Entertainment's July 2020 Newsletter

Valid only for events booked and occurring in the month of July 2020. Valid only for events two hours or longer, and only on one event per month per client. Not valid with any other discount.
Moving Forward
At About Faces, we want you to know that we're finding a new way to party and stay safe. Like the rest of the world, we're taking baby steps, but we're taking them! Family events, like birthdays or anniversaries, can be boosted by a caricature artist or a magic show. And trust me, our stilt walkers will stay six feet above you. If you're having a larger event, don't be scared! There are ways to hold your company picnic safely, and our entertainers will come with their masks on.
Still timid to socialize, or immunocompromised? We've got you covered! Don't forget about our virtual options. Our magicians have had mad success wowing people through a screen, and our caricature artists can be an event all on their own with our party style caricatures. We're pretty sure everyone could use a smile and a little magic right now.
Uncharted Territory: The Incoming Class
Have you ever started out your freshman year at college in the midst of a global pandemic? Confession: Neither have we. We can't imagine it'll be easy or simple, but we have a few ideas for how to make it more enjoyable! Online icebreakers? Yuck. Online icebreakers while a caricature artist draws every face in the Zoom room, singlehandedly making the experience better for all? Yum! When taking a new approach to orientation, be sure you don't sacrifice the fun!
A Dog's Take
Humans are not patient animals. At least, not like Labs.
From the room over, Benny hears an unmistakable ripping sound. He trots over quickly and assumes his pose, sitting with good posture and head cocked. Above him, Dad has started slicing the banana he ripped open.
"Banana time! Yes, Benny, you'll get some," Dad says. Benny adjusts his expression, laying on the puppy factor, and watches the knife slice through the banana over and over again. In banana slice acquisition, there are three major principles: presence, eye contact, and being cuteness. Scooting extra close to Dad, Benny looked him right in the eye, being as cute as he possibly could. Finally, Dad flicks a slice his way, the fruit of his efforts. Benny snaps his jaw expertly, narrowly missing the banana (it was a tricky throw), and recovers quickly by licking it off of the floor.

If you're looking for your banana slice, don't worry: Persevere. It's just around the corner. We're sure of it, and so is Benny.
You made it to the end! Ready for some more entertainment? Call 1-800-923-8669 or reply to this email to start booking your event today!
Thanks for reading! Stay safe and well. Until next time,
Newsletter Editor