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About Faces Entertainment's November 2020 Newsletter

Valid only for events booked and occurring in the month of November 2020. Valid only for events two hours or longer, and only on one event per month per client. Not valid with any other discount.  
Hooray, it's November!
We can already smell the pumpkin pie. At About Faces, we're plenty busy, between training for our company Turkey Trot and practicing eating large amounts of food in preparation for Thanksgiving. But the most important event we're getting ready for is the holiday season! We're pretty sure that your year could use some extra cheer, and it's always best to plan ahead. We've seen scientific proof that caricature artists and face painters improve holiday spirits. (Unfortunately, this ground-breaking evidence was eaten by Benny, the Office Dog, in a shocking turn of events.) But just trust us, our entertainment will brighten your season!
   Featured Entertainer: Celestia W!
I do traditional and digital caricatures, as well as remote caricatures over Zoom and individual gift caricatures from photos. I've also walked around and done the ninja-style sneaky caricatures at large events, which end up fun cartoon life studies that capture people naturally interacting and incorporate body language and stance. (I loved the ninja gigs, as a middle-aged woman with a clipboard at most venues really does blend in seamlessly so no one notices me at all. . . then surprising models with their drawings always got such fun responses!)
I started doing caricatures my sophomore year in college and fell in love with the art form. I'd been a "cartoonist" of sorts before, drawing for my high school newspaper and doodling my friends in their yearbooks, but a Cartooning 101 class by caricaturist Tom Chalkley really introduced me to the finer points of caricature as well as cartoon storytelling.
Working in Vegas, there have been quite a few "adult" type events that I've drawn at, and those are always unique and quirky. From a New Year's party where I was told to draw everyone's caricature with novelty nudie-type bodies, to an anniversary party for the largest strip club in the world, to a "divorce party" held by an extraordinarily rich man. That last one was crazy, this super high-roller rented out one of the MGM's private mansions complete with indoor pool just for him, a DJ, and thirty gorgeous models in bikinis--good thing the models enjoyed caricatures! 

   I try to provide more than just a drawing, I want each guest to have a really good experience. Whether it's by Zoom or (hopefully one day soon) at a live convention or birthday party, I pride myself on providing some fun banter too, which often leads to some really interesting conversations. Everyone is interesting if you ask the right questions!
Benny the Office Dog: A Letter of Penance
I've always wanted to be a good boy. From the very beginning, that was my goal, noble and ambitious and just barely within reach of my non-opposable thumbs. That was my choice, the path less traveled, and I knew from the start that I would stumble.
However, I admit that this is quite a setback. I didn't foresee myself being led so far astray by a piece of paper. I saw it, floating in front of my nose deliciously, and snatched it out of the air without thinking (which is how I do most things). I'm truly very sorry about all that scientific evidence it had on it. I also really, really wish I was eating a chicken stick right now instead of writing this apology.
Another newsletter gone! You know the drill -- call 1-800-92-FUNNY or reply to this email and book your entertainment today! Stay safe and healthy. Until next time,
Newsletter Editor