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About Faces Entertainment's September 2020 Newsletter

Valid only for events booked and occurring in the month of September 2020. Valid only for events two hours or longer, and only on one event per month per client. Not valid with any other discount.  
Ready, Set, September!
And we're off! The kids are back in school, and everyone's busy, busy, busy! Right?
Okay, so Fall 2020 isn't looking quite like other Autumns. If the kids are in school, it's likely through their computers, and "busy" doesn't exactly describe the day-to-day. But at About Faces, we know that more time means more time to party! Don't keep postponing that engagement party or grand opening -- not when there's a safe and healthy way to have it! We put your safety first, which is why our entertainers wear masks and social distance. Whether it be caricature artist or magician, in person or virtual, we're ready to spice up your party. It's possible to put on your event, especially with our help!
September Feature: Nick N!
I started doing caricatures in 1989. My family was having dinner at a restaurant that had a face painter. My oldest daughter, who was four years old at the time, and is still my biggest fan, boasted to the lady painting balloons on her cheeks, "My daddy draws really funny cartoons all the time." The lady, who owned an entertainment company, approached our table and asked if I had done any caricature work. I told her I hadn’t, but I would love the chance to try. After looking at my drawings, she set me up to draw cartoon eyes for a lasik company at a local festival. That was my first paying gig, and it happened in the Spring of 1989. I have been drawing in Indiana and all over the United States ever since.

I was asked to draw at a wrap party for the movie "Better Start Running" by Analeigh Tipton. I had the opportunity to draw Ms. Tipton, Maria Bello, Jeremy Irons, the director Brett Simon and most of the rest of the cast and crew. The funniest thing about the wrap party was it took place at a "Big Lots" type store in Louisville Kentucky between 10pm and 5:30am the following morning. Ms. Tipton was absolutely delightful and gave me a big ol' hug when it was all over.

I'm not funny, I just draw that way.
In Pursuit of a Squirrel
I was in the pool when it happened. Paws in the water, garden hose spraying at my face majestically, my mind was at peace -- until i smelled it.
I might be getting old, but I'm still a Lab, and I know squirrel when I smell it. Leaping out of the pool (and upending it in the process), I sprinted out of the yard, hearing cheers of, "Benny!" behind me.
I almost got it -- really, I was close. I stopped to avoid a nice lady with her walker, who seemed quite surprised to see me charging towards her. She yanked her walker to the side with unexpected agility, and a small pink flyer fluttered down from it. The words "Virtual Assisted Living Week Celebration This September" were in bold strokes across the page, and I wondered vaguely if there would be a caricature artist at the event. Maybe they'd have a face painter instead, or even one of those funky hat-wearing wizards. As I made my way back home, escorted by Dad, who was quite proud of me, I knew I would have no trouble sleeping, knowing that squirrel wasn't coming near us. And because I'm very good at sleeping.
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Stay safe and healthy. Until next month,
Audrey Hasson
Newsletter Editor
About Faces Entertainment