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ORyan M - Pennsylvania Stilt Walkers

ORyan M

O'Ryan the O'Mazing never had to run away with the circus, the circus came to him. For 10 years he has been entertaining at events, on street corners, and at orphanages and refugee camps. He can be whatever the situation calls for; a shy yet clumsy mime, a costumed statue on the street, a boisterous show off with a suitcase full of props, a sideshow freak, or just a normal guy who happens to be 9 feet tall. Juggling, stilt walking, sideshow, magic, fire, comedy; no really, he does it all. O'Ryan loves to entertain and is always learning new tricks and skills to make every performance better than the last. O'Ryan lives and works in and around the Pittsburgh area, and wrote this in the third person

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  • Pittsburgh, PA

ORyan M will travel for an additional fee!


Strolling: $200/hr with a two hour minimum.

*All pricing is in US Dollars and is subject to change if your specific requirements differ from the descriptions.
**Special rates may apply for the more elaborate costumes and the fee does vary per costume.