About "About Faces"

About Faces has been providing entertainment at events since 1989. Mike Hasson, the founder and owner, started the company drawing caricatures. As his customers began requesting additional caricature artists at their parties, our popularity grew, and we started down the road to being what we are today – a full service agency providing all types of entertainment at corporate events and private parties. 

We are located in Ellicott City, Maryland, and provide entertainers of all types nationwide. Our group of talent ranges from clowns and strolling magicians to stilt-walkers and face painters, with many others in between. All of our entertainers are professionals and many are members of professional organizations.

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Mike Hasson, owner, chief muckety muck, head honcho, captain of industry, big businessman, grand pubah, and all around Really Important Guy. 

Just ask him.  He'll tell you.

Abby Clark, Booking Agent, Invoicing Queen

She wears a wry sardonic smile on the outside, but inside...she's cackling hysterically because ever since the episode with the bunnies and the ketchup, she's been a bit mentally unglued.



   Caricature by Mike Hasson
Jamey McElroy, Supervisor, Resident IT Wizard, Booking Agent

He models his every action after the immortal Ron Burgundy and lives for the day when he, too, will be able to sport a dreamy Burt Reynoldsesque 80s stache.

   Caricature by Mike Hasson

Emily Hasselman, Team Leader, Booking Agent

Voted by her college classmates 'most likely to fit an entire cheese puff in one nostril,' Emily makes every effort to exceed expectations.  (She's working on fitting two cheese puffs in there).  



Caricature by Emily A

Rockell Jackson, Master of all Social Media, Booking Agent

Born on the third moon of Jupiter, Rockell's mutant powers enable her to leap small dogs in a single bound.  She also takes a very imposing profile picture.


Caricature by Emily A

Steven Isaac,  Website Video Updates

Steve's claim to fame is his dramatic light saber duel in the bar scene in The Empire Strikes Back...which he shot himself, using his phone, and spliced into his home DVD copy of the movie.

   Caricature by Mike Hasson

Jayna Mendoza, Mistress of Confirmations, Booking Agent

During the day a mild mannered entertainment booking agent, by night Jayna fights fashion crime in designer clothes.

Caricature by Emily A

Samm Fenton, Webstickler

Samm once won a ping pong tournament using only a spork for a paddle...duct taped to her nose.  Coincidentally, she also has mad Atari Pong skills.

 Caricature by Mike Hasson

Taylor Fischer, Event Sheet Conqueror

In the wake of her recent triumphant return from a elephant jousting tournament in Sri Lanka, Taylor is wont to randomly introduce the word 'picaddilo' into every conversation.


Kayleigh Hasson, Newsletter Editor

Kayleigh 'works' remotely from 'college', which allows her to spend more time watching dog videos on Instagram.

photo of Benny the dog

Benny, Office Dog

Benny is a seasoned, veteran agent, and is in charge of training new agents and eating cardboard. He does not put his nose in trash cans. He does not.


Pam Hasson, Uncertified Private Accountant

Beautiful Pam Hasson handles the books. She cashes our client's checks, and, just as quickly, sends out checks to the performers. Emergency calls on the weekend get routed directly to her, and then she yells at Mike, her husband. So don't make any emergency calls.

Caricature by Mike Hasson
These are Pam and Mike's little girls, Maddie, Kayleigh and Audrey. Maddie is considering a surgical career but spends a lot of time perfecting her eyebrows. Kayleigh is in college to go to parties and maybe study law.   And Audrey is planning on becoming a small business owner...but definitely not of About Faces. Aren't they horribly, horribly cute? 

Chris Whetzel, Database Developer

No developers have challenged him and survived.  There can be only one!

Mike Hasson, Owner and Chief Dog Walker[email protected]
Jamey McElroy, Supervisor, Agent[email protected]
Abby Clark, Invoicing Queen, Agent[email protected]
Emily Hasselman, Team Leader, Agent[email protected]
Rockell Jay, Master of the dark arts of Social Media and Online Presence, Agent[email protected]
Jayna Mendoza, Mistress of ConfirmationsAgent[email protected]
Taylor Fischer, Event Sheet Conqueror, Agent 
Kayleigh Hasson, Newsletter Editor[email protected]
Pam Hasson, Uncertified Public Accountant

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