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Tracy L - Tennessee Caricature Artists

Tracy L

Tracy sends greetings from Nashville, Tennessee, home of great music and fun! If you need an artist to draw for your guests, you really ought to book someone who knows what they are doing...or him. Tracy was a caricaturist during the 80's and 90's at Opryland USA theme park right up until they closed, which wasn't particularly his fault.

Don't wait, because he's also a banjo player. You KNOW how busy banjo pickers are if you saw "Deliverance"! He could go on about all his awards and accomplishments if there were any, but he's too busy entertaining you beautiful, wonderful people. He loves every doggone one of you.

A word of caution: he is from Tennessee. He was born here, raised here, bred here, and will probably die here (not at your event). He is Southern, and you'll be able to tell it. Keep the syllables to a minimum, and you'll be fine.

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  • Nashville, TN

Tracy L will travel for an additional fee!

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